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when you make a good comeback but then you stutter on the last word


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Did you really believe that?

 #I love it because martha is all ‘you’re such a fucking idiot’ #and she laughs at the master #she laughs at the fucking psycho who has been destroying earth and who kept her family prisoners #she laughs at someone who could kill her any second #she makes him look like a moron #she takes the power away from him and she turns the tables (via iceinherheart-kissonherlips)


Also, two thoughts (neither of them new, but I never connected them before) just clicked in my head:

The first thing: Martha is in the Doctor’s role in this episode. Not just that she’s the one saving the day, but TO THE MASTER AS WELL. He puts all his energy into capturing her, defeating her, humiliating her, because he doesn’t want to admit he was ever afraid of her. The Doctor’s spent a year being boring and of no interest to him no matter how hard he prods. It’s incredibly telling that by the end of the year, he’s tormenting the Doctor to try and get at Martha through the people she loves, instead tormenting Martha to get at the Doctor. Martha is the Master’s true archenemy in LotTL, at least for the first three-quarters of it.

The second thing: Mind of Evil. The one thing the Master fears most in the universe is the Doctor laughing in his face.

And when Martha takes on the Doctor’s role, what does she do? THIS GIFSET, YOU GUYS.

  my favorite part about this is that it’s so easy to get sucked into the plot of the gun in four parts     like that’s just how you tell stories:     a big complicated problem requires a big complicated solution     all action movies are built on the premise that there can be no satisfying conclusion without some kind of journey     without some kind of rigorous physical and mental tasks that come thiiiiis close to being fatal every time     because action movies need a winner and it’s no ‘fun’ if that winner does so quietly     so this whole episode we’re watching and absolutely buying the idea of the gun because that’s how climaxes are reached     and then martha jones comes along and completely obliterates all of that     martha jones is better than an action hero     martha jones is a doctor      (via itcameuponamidnightqueer)

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Why do you keep saying that?!

Heteronormativity in action.

Ramona don’t have time for your bisexual erasure

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he’s like a teenage girl at a sleepover

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Book “Drunk Four” Scene

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